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DCTitanic Pic Challenge

You've seen our version but how does yours look?
I've been working hard to draw the pictures for the DCT production, but I worry that it won't be done on time thanks to all the time it takes to color the pictures on the computer. If somebody's interested in helping me not only with applying characters to the background, but also with coloring, try doing your own version of the picture below with the other images provided. (Or you can do this just for fun if you want.)

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Be happy to *loads photoshop*

*Photoshop crashes*

Huh? *loads Photoshop*

*photoshop crashes

Um...this might take awile, may have to use the Photoshop at school have a photoshop at school!?!? ...Damn. *is uber jealous* I don't even have one at home....
Well yeah, how are they going to teach photoshop classes without it on the school system (Web Design is the main major.) YAY for geek schools!

Unfortuantly my personal version is pirated which might be why it's acting up

*pauses* ...Oh yeah, our school has web design classes too. ...................... ._.;;;; ^^;; I guess they must have photoprograms in at least the compy classes rooms, if not the library which I never go to anyway because I'd rather eat lunch than sit around wishing I could go on fandom sites without getting in trouble. I mean, I still do that in lunch, but at least I get to eat then too.

...............curse me for not being l33t enough (er...and being too stubborn...) to take teh compy classes!!!


...Random fact of the minute: I had web design at the top of my list as a choice to take for electives next year (we're required to have at least one tech) but somehow let my teachers and guidance counselor and stubborness (oton wanted me to take compy programming, or at least some compy class...web design was just barely included, in an effort to argue me into a compy class ("C'mon, it'll be fun! You can make a website with Kaito flying around the border and Conan scowling!")) get me to back out at the last min...Now I'm apparantly taking photography instead. ........I wonder what that says if both my teachers and guidance counselor didn't want me to take the compy course...o.O
........Actually I recently (very, very, very, very, very, very, very.........very, very, very, very, very, very, very recently...) pirated a... *checks* "Pixia" program. I checked out the tutorials and stuff, but can't seem to manage anything they say you can do. *pouts* ....what do you have?
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