bandit_kid (bandit_kid) wrote in giri_giri_chop,

The Sims! (Picture Time!)

I made the Straw Hat crew a family in the Sims. They live in the same neighborhood as the DCMK cast. Want to see the crazy result?

Here they all are in Sim version!

Here's a general pic of most of them sitting down to breakfast in their pajamas. (Chopper already left for school earlier.)

Chopper's having a little dream about the stove. Don't worry buddy! Nobody's going to eat you! LOL


Luckily the fireman came!

Everybody's learning to cook at least a little so they don't burn the house down by making mistakes on the stove.

I'll share more later- the sooner you ask for them, the sooner I'll respond. Oh yeah, and if you want to see some pics from other anime households, just bug me.
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