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The Morning After

Title: The Morning After
Author: tonitonichopper AKA bandit_kid
Word Count: 588
Rating: pg (for language)
Disclaimer: the characters don't belong to me!!!
Spoilers: spoilers for season of Naruto after the chuunin exams, proceeding the retrieval arc
Characters/Pairings: Kakashi's POV, Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto
Notes: This was a sort of poem I jotted down real quick about Kakashi's possible reaction to each of the three students in team 7 when Sasuke went astray and for those who know Kakashi Gaiden, it can be compared to his feelings about Obito and Rin by the end.

They discovered her the morning after and started questioning her immediately.

She just seemed to be off in her own little world, but it sure looked like a sad one.

Even as Naruto became upset and filled the air with noise she wasn't all there

I just kept watching her. Said oh so much.

Damn I have a lot to do now. A lot of talking to ANBU and the Hokage.

Quite a lot of questions from other people too because they'll be wondering.

We're all going to be paraded with a line of confused people now

Maybe Naruto will scare them off by yelling at them, hm?


He's angry of course. But plenty of that is thanks to how much he cares

I hope she realizes that. Hopefully she'll remember a lot of us care.

Not that her mind is free to be changed easily. She's always had a strong will.

Also, she's been horrified and that will take a long time to recover from

It'll definately leave a scar. I should keep an eye on Naruto to make sure he doesn't rub it in by accident

I need to keep an eye on both of them to make sure they don't go running off after him.

If I had the choice, I'd go into action myself. I have responsibilities though and loyalty to the village

I can't leave without informing the Hokage- no usual excuse for being late would cover that one


Hm. Sakura, watching you, I think I can guess a bit of what happened.

I think you told him more than just to stay in Konoha.

Then again I got the drift of your feelings for him the day we met.

But how did he reply? I know that too.

He didn't just disappear when you tried to stop him

He said some sort of good bye.

And he didn't bid anybody else here farewell- not me, not Naruto.

Just you. And I know-

I know it was as hard as hell for him to do.

He knows you'll follow him to the ends of the earth

but he left you behind.


Sasuke, what happened last night- in that moment-

She wanted to stay by your side whatever you decided to do and you stopped her immediately

...If she were to go with you she might get hurt

You don't want her hurt. Her family and Naruto would hate you for it.

Still, with that good intention for her life and all that determination about how yours is going to be from her on

It was so hard to leave.

And after you had spoken to her you hurried to end it and get away from her before you changed your mind

Heh. Naruto would be angry at you and want to beat you even more if he knew

You love her

I don't doubt it at all. I already know that memory too well.


In the midst of all I'm thinking and feeling myself

I have to hope for your sake Sasuke-kun

That whatever you do with Orochimaru and no matter who you fight- Itachi or Naruto

Hopefully she'll stay alive because

her death is an even harder good bye to live with

And while you can take a piece of me or Naruto with you if we die

My teachings, the motivation he gives you

Without letting yourself open your heart to her when she disappears

Carrying her with you will be in the form of the deepest regret

I know it

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