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Don't be afraid to join- we'll welcome members any time!
We'll also be looking for affiliates (currently only have one coming along).

This group is currently also being used as a place to discuss and plan for the production of Detective Conan Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. If you want to know more, contact tonitonichopper AKA bandit_kid.

This group will be a fanfiction and fanart commmunity and a place to share icons, banners, doujinshi, and manga/anime previews for fans of the following characters and the animes they appear in:

Character-anime title

Kaito/Kaitou KID-Magic Kaitou/Detective Conan
Kenshin-Rurouni Kenshin
Chichiri/Houjun-Fushigi Yuugi
Luffy-One Piece

This group will also be a doujinshi and lj icon/banner share opportunity.

Welcome to Giri Giri Chop! lj group for those who love any one or more of the masked senshi. We made this group to go along with a fan-made doujinshi called "Masked Senshi" starring a group of characters from several popular mangas. Whether you're familiar with all these animes or not, if you love at least one of them you'll fit in here just fine.

The owners are me, oni_giri_slash and my talented friend tonitonichopper. Chopper's the one who draws and writes "Masked Senshi". Feel free to contact us if you're confused or just have a question.


-All material contributed must be under lj cut or be a link to another site where it's hosted (ie fanfiction.net) and have an according info intro filled out. Only lj icon and banner samples can go without being under lj cut. Below are examples of what information to give.

Sample Fanfiction/Doujinshi Translation
Word Count:
Spoilers: [optional]
Warnings: [optional]
Characters/Pairings: [optional]
Notes: [optional]

Sample Fanart/Doujinshi Copy
Title: [optional]
Fandom: [optional]
Spoilers: [optional]
Warnings: [optional]
Characters/Pairings: [optional]
Notes: [optional]

-Do NOT contribute fanart, fanfiction, or lj graphics that you did not create yourself. The only exceptions are gifts you recieved that you have permission from the creator to share.
Doujinshi by or manga/anime previews that you found online or have put online yourself can be shared even though you're not the original artist. MAKE SURE YOU CREDIT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR THOUGH!

-We accept material rated anywhere from G to NC-17 but it MUST be marked with the rating and warn about adult themes. We're going to be VERY STRICT about any thing that can be considered "hentai" or "lemon". We don't accept material that's prejudice, hard porn, etc.

-Romance themes- We prefer stories about one of the characters this community is focused on. We are mostly a non-yaoi community but there are some exceptions (email us to find out more). If you contribute a piece that is romance/hentai/lemon then please relate it to these couples:

Kuroba Kaito/Kaitou KID + Nakamori Aoko

Himura Kenshin/Hitokiri Battosai + Kamiya Kaoru OR Yukishiro Tomoe

Hatake Kakashi + Rin

Miroku + Sango

Chichiri/Ri Houjun + Kouran OR her reincarnate (called Sachiko by us)

Luffy + Nico Robin

If you have art that needs free hosting try this site first: Image Shack

Robin x Luffy Deviant Art Group